Denise Schroder


Denise Schroder

Oklahoma City, OK

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About Me

Denise Schroder had desperately wanted to get her real estate license 22 years ago after having some record-breaking sales success in property management. It was a fire in her belly and she just knew this was her calling! She was discouraged and told she could never make it in the saturated industry and at best it would be only an expensive hobby. Her husband at the time told her he would not be investing in superficial signs with her face on them only to go stale leaning on the walls in their garage. She was also told she would never be able to “stand out” to get business. She realized decades later she allowed someone to place her in “their box” and steal her dreams because they simply did not have one of their own. Fast forward to 2005, Troy Schroder was Denise’s FEDEX guy at her office for 5 YEARS before their first date! Once they had a first date, the rest was truly history! Crazy in love the couple bravely blended 5 teenagers. YES, 5 hormonal teenagers, 4 of the 5 being girls! Soon after their marriage, they attended a weekend seminar at their church about finding their true passion and calling and they made a life-changing decision. There were a lot of naysayers when the couple quit their jobs on the same day, Dec 3, 2010. They were fiercely determined and failure was NOT an option. They explored other businesses before taking the plunge to pursue Denise’s long-awaited dream of getting licensed to sell real estate. Instead of allowing negative voices from the past to dictate her future, she took that negative seed planted in her years ago to propel their team by using social media in a creative, authentic way. It was not easy, as they did not have a paycheck for 7 months and had to live on savings with 5 mouths to feed. After 7 months of tiresome seed planting, they sold 40 homes in the first year. They average over 100 homes a year with just the 2 of them. Overcoming the fear of quitting the jobs proved to be the best decision of their lives. Not only have they been able to succeed at a high level, but they have also been barrier breakers in the industry. They have found the perfect recipe to use humor, creativity married with their genuine love for people and ability to deeply connect, engage and anchor they are the first to come to mind when you need to buy or sell Real Estate. Their authentic, organic marketing approach to stay top of mind coupled with delivering stellar service quickly catapulted them to the top. Since 2013, 8 short years ago, Troy and Denise have served over 600 families resulting in over $243 million in real estate sales. (Average price point in OKC area is $175,000)
  • Top 1% in production of over 6000 realtors in the OKC Metro.
  • Denise has spoken nationally at Keller Williams events on marketing homes.
  • Recognized in 2015 as Innovators of the Year
  • Published in Inman News for Out of the Box Marketing in 2015
  • Brought HGTV, House Hunters here to OKC for the first time in 2014, 2017, & 2019.
  • Mentioned as Top Achievers in OKC Metro of 2017.
  • Denise went through an acrimonious divorce and custody trial that cost over $50,000 to gain sole custody. She has a deep empathy to help others walking this path in their lives. She was hand-selected by author/agent Laurel Starks to be one of the first to go through her Stellar program to begin her own trailblazing in Oklahoma. She and Troyreceived their certification to be one of the few Certified Divorce Real Estate agents in the country at Pomona College in California in 2018. Troy and Denise also received their Oklahoma Family Law Mediation Certificate as well. This work really is rewarding and she feels she is making a difference and able to impact and show others in a profound way you cannot only get through it, you can use your failures, trials, and struggles to help show others there is light and opportunity to shine and thrive. Real Estate is not their only passion, Denise has had her adult life literally chronicled & documented through the years on Oprah (two appearances), Steve Harvey (two appearances), Rachael Ray, CBS The Talk, "House Hunters" on HGTV (three appearances) & now the Food Network. She is just a small-town girl that is a serial reality star and has had such a wild ride being invited to be a part of some of the highest-rated shows on national TV. Troy and Denise have been able to make a difference in speaking on important topics. Appearing on The Steve Harvey show twice as Blended Family experts and Denise as an advocate for helping parents combat the dangers of Teen Technology! Most recently, Denise was cast out of over 11,000 submissions and starred in a reality series, on Season 20 of Worst Cooks in America on the Food Network. Troy & Denise truly SERVE LIKE THEY ARE CHOSEN!