Lynn Fillingham


Lynn Fillingham

Madison, MS

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About Me

I love real estate!  Some days more than others but 22 years of experience brings the knowledge that comes from that much experience.  Especially with regard to the things you value in your life...home, family and your financial future.    

Getting started in real estate was not what I intended, far from it really.  A series of events and what I call a God-thing lead me to know, this was my mission field.  

I got my license in 2000 and this industry completely surprised me!  The way it works.  Everyone says "selling real estate."  I found we don't sell; we assist, we facilitate, we educate, we protect.  There is and has been a very real need to help consumers through the home buying and selling process.  It's a very complicated process that is fluid, always changing with moving parts throughout the market but also throughout the individual process.  EVERY situation is different!

Personally, I've been a multi-million dollar top producer every year since 2002 and recently earned membership into RE/MAX's 100% Club.  I'm a master at contract contingencies, negotiations, inspection negotiations, risk reduction and reading a situation.  It's critical for your deal to go as smoothly as possible, and when it doesn't it's even more critical to have a handle on what is needed to make it work. 

I listen, I laugh, I respond, I educate; more importantly I’m genuine and I will tell you the truth whether you really want to hear it or not. I’m passionate about what I do and I aim to make sure I give you my best. You shouldn't expect less!  Lynn Fillingham with RE/MAX Marketplace, Central Mississippi