Stacey Sauer


Stacey Sauer

North Dallas, TX

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About Me

Stacey Sauer is one of the owners of Brand Properties Group and has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. Collectively, Brand Properties Group offers over 90 years of experience consisting of residential, luxury real estate & land and farm sales in the Dallas - Fort worth area. Brand Properties Group has gotten to this point by checking off some pretty important boxes: putting client's needs first, in-depth community and market knowledge by staying educated on the current market, cutting-edge marketing, effective negotiating skills and a high quality professional network. Stacey used to be an elementary school teacher in the 1990s before her transition to real estate. She sees her real estate career from an educational standpoint. "It's all about going above and beyond for the client and making sure they're informed before making their decisions." Brand Properties Groups' extensive knowledge of Dallas - Fort Worth's real estate market, as well as their vast knowledge of marketing, negotiations and contract writing, is unmatched.