Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations To Use in 2022

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Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations To Use in 2022

December 6, 2022

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It’s the Christmas season and for homeowners, this is a time for decorating. Whether it’s a full-blown Christmas tree, holiday wreaths, or just some festive lights around the windows and doors, decorating for the holidays can be a great way to bring cheer into your home. Plus, it’s also a good time for homeowners to give their homes an improved curb appeal. There are outdoor Christmas decorations that can transform any yard or porch into a winter wonderland. Here are the 10 of our favorite outdoor Christmas decorations.


10 Christmas Outdoor Decorations Ideas

1. Garage Door Cover

A garage door cover is a simple way to transform your plain old garage door into a festive display for the season. There are a variety of designs available that are easy to install and inexpensive to buy.

2. North Pole Directional Arrow Sign

This outdoor decoration is a modest and charming nod to Santa Claus. Kids especially will love to see the many different arrows pointing to the North Pole.

3. White Moravian Star

The Moravian Star was adopted by the Moravian Church and is used as a representation of the Star of Bethlehem. Geometrically complex and bright, the white Moravian Star can be used as a Christmas tree topper or as an outdoor decoration.

4. Front Door Garland

The front door is the first thing people see when they pass your house. It’s important to decorate it for the holiday season. A beautiful garland with lights, ornaments, and seasonal greenery can have a striking effect on your home.

5. Holiday Mailbox

Don’t forget about your mailbox. Your mailbox can make the first impression when someone is visiting your home. Decorating it can be a fun and festive way to bring cheer to your holiday season. You can use simple decorations like wreaths, garlands, and lights to give it a festive look.

6. Candles

Candles are inexpensive and can be used in many different ways to decorate the outdoors. Some people use candles to line the walkway, driveway, or place them in the window boxes of their homes. They make for great decorations and also provide gentle illumination at night.

5. Hanging Christmas Light Balls

Christmas light balls are a unique outdoor decoration that can be hung from trees, walls, or fences. They are eye-catching and add a merry touch to the outside of your home. You can even make your own with some DIY guides found online.

4. Huge Ornaments

Ornaments are a staple for Christmas but they aren’t only for decorating Christmas trees. They can also be for outdoor decorations. Huge ornaments are adorable decorations that can be used around the house or around the front door.

3. Christmas Tree Made From Lights

Along with ornaments, a Christmas tree is traditionally used indoors as the centerpiece of the house. However, a Christmas tree made from lights can also look great outdoors. A Christmas tree can be any size and add a unique look that not many people have.

2. Giant Candy

Candy canes are another popular Christmas staple that is typically used as decoration for a Christmas tree. However, giant candy canes make for a great display in your yard or on the porch. Kids love to see giant candy as outdoor decoration because it’s something that almost every child wants.

1. Christmas Tunnel Lights

Christmas light tunnels are an amazing and visually impressive display that you can create in your own yard. There aren’t Christmas tunnel lights on sale as is but you can find different guides online that will help you make your own.

Enjoy your Christmas decorating and have a happy holidays!