From Barefoot Water Skiing Champion To Top-Performing Real Estate Agent

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From Barefoot Water Skiing Champion To Top-Performing Real Estate Agent

May 31, 2022

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Keith St. Onge is a 14-time world and 19-time national champion barefoot water skier. He has dominated as a barefoot water skiing athlete for over 30 years and in 2016, he decided to retire from the sport. Keith now turns his attention to the real estate industry and in quick time became a top-performing real estate agent in his market.

How did Keith St. Onge go from dominating as an athlete to dominating as a real estate agent? To understand how Keith St. Onge became a top-performing real estate agent, you have to know about his story as a world-class athlete.


World Champion Barefoot Water Skier Mike Siegel With a Young Keith St. Onge
Photo courtesy of World Barefoot Center YouTube Channel

How Keith St. Onge Became a World Champion Barefoot Water Skier

Keith St. Onge spent his childhood in the small town of Berlin, New Hampshire. Known for having harsh winters, Keith wasn’t introduced to barefoot water skiing until he was 9yrs old when he was taught by barefoot water skiing champion Mike Siegel.

His first experience barefoot water skiing gave birth to a new passion and by the age of thirteen, he made a commitment to become a world champion barefoot water skier as well as to eventually create his own ski school. Shortly after high school, Keith moved to Florida with only $1000 in his pocket where he started a ski school. At the age of nineteen, Keith won his first barefoot skiing championship.

Keith went on to win fourteen world championships, nineteen national titles, and has set eleven world records in his over fifteen-year-long career. Over time, he also expanded his modest skiing school into the World Barefoot Center, the largest barefoot water skiing school in the world.

After running a world-renowned skiing school and winning many championships, Keith St. Onge became one of the most influential athletes in barefoot water skiing. It wasn’t until his late thirties that Keith would start thinking about retirement and looked to real estate as another avenue to generate income.

Keith’s ski school put him into contact with many people interested in moving to Florida. After years of referring his ski students to a local real estate, Keith decided to become a real estate agent himself when the local agent retired. He saw an opportunity to use his wide-ranging network to help people not just find their dream home but also to provide the best possible service to his clients.

“To become a world champion, you need dedication and commitment and that’s what I give to my clients.” – Keith St. Onge

Keith’s hardworking work ethic cultivated from his time spent as a barefoot water skiing champion translated well into the real estate industry. Keith St. Onge is now a top-producing agent in Central Florida and has helped many people buy and sell their homes.


The Negotiators Season 2 Episode 5 "Riding The Wave"
The Negotiators Season 2 Episode 5 “Riding The Wave”

Watch The Negotiators Episode Featuring Keith St. Onge on Reveel

Keith St. Onge will be featured in The Negotiator’s two-part episode titled “Riding The Wave”. The episode reveals the multiple challenges Keith has to overcome in order to ensure that his client’s real estate transactions don’t fall through the cracks.

The synopsis for the episode reads: The waves of real estate are ever-changing, unpredictable, and at times chaotic. The trick is to get on top of the waves to ride the trends as they come. For Negotiator and barefoot water skier Keith St. Onge, riding waves is what he does best.

Tune in to The Negotiators on Friday, May 27th, and June 10th to see part one and part two of Keith St. Onge’s featured episode, “Riding The Wave”, streaming for free exclusively on Reveel.


Featured Negotiator Recognized Partner

Keith St. Onge Realtor Winter Haven Florida

Keith St. Onge

Keith St. Onge is a full-time Realtor® in Winter Haven, Florida and he’s also a retired Professional Barefoot Water Skier, National and World Champion. Keith has found success in anything he’s chosen to do because of his strong work ethic and passion for helping others. Ultimately, Keith is a World Champion Barefoot Water Skier that brings world-class service to each of his clients.

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