How To Decorate Living Room With Plants

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How To Decorate Living Room With Plants

April 12, 2022

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If you’re wondering how to decorate a living room with indoor plants, it’s very likely that you want to spice up the interior decor of your home. Many people look at artwork, wall paint, or new furniture as a method of livening up a space but adding plants can be a simple and effective way to do so as well. Not only will plants add color and life to your home, but they can also improve mental health.

There have been many studies done on the benefits of seeing the color green in nature, and indoor plants can have similar benefits on homeowners. One of the best things about decorating with indoor plants is that there are so many different ways to do it. You can go for a traditional look with potted plants on the floor or shelves, or you can get creative and hang plants from the ceiling. If you’re not sure where to start, here are ten tips for decorating your living room with indoor plants.


10 Living Room Decor With Plants Ideas

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

10. Start Small

You may feel an urge to buy a whole bunch of plants to decorate your living room with but it’s best to start slow when buying indoor plants. Plants require attention, and it can be easy to forget about one of them when you have too many. Any plant dying is money down the drain. Make sure to perform extensive research on each plant you want to buy so that you know how to take care of each one. Here are a few plants that beginners can easily take care of.

  • Moth Orchid
  • Parlor Palm
  • African Violet
  • Friendship Plant


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9. A Large Indoor Plant

Large plants can make a huge statement when they are placed inside. They add a noticeable element of nature to the decor and can transform the feel of your living room entirely. A large indoor plant will cost more and will require a bit more attention than a small one, so make sure you’re prepared to take care of it before making the purchase. Various large plants can complement a living room but here are some of our favorites.

  • Dracaena Plant
  • ZZ plants
  • Aloe Vera
  • Areca Palm
  • Baby Rubber
  • Boston Fern
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Ficus Houseplants


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8. Use Air Plants

Air plants are a perennial flowering plant that is a part of the Bromeliaceae family or the tillandsia genus – for all you plant lovers out there. The great thing about air plants is that they don’t need soil in order to grow. They instead grow by absorbing moisture and nutrients from the air. Air plants are known to attach themselves to anything except soil which means you can get creative with how you want to decorate them around your living room. Even though air plants are generally low maintenance, it still varies how much you need to mist the plant.


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7. Terrariums

A terrarium is a glass container that holds soil and a plant. They have a versatile style and can even be made as a DIY project. There are two types of terrariums: closed and open. Open terrariums are simply glass containers that are open to the atmosphere and closed terrariums are sealed off from the environment. Both types have their benefits. Open terrariums are decorative and help to humidify your home while closed terrariums act as a mini-ecosystem by creating their own ecosystem. Whether you choose an open or closed terrarium, each plant will have different needs that you’ll have to take into account.


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6. Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a great way to add some green to your living room without taking up any floor or table space. The verticality also adds contrast to your living room decor while keeping the plants away from pets. Pets have a tendency to chew on, scratch, and bother plants that are within their reach. Plants that hang from the ceiling will keep them safe from any pets that are notorious for destroying plants. Here are some of the best plants to hang from the ceiling:

  • Spider Plant
  • Senecio Rowleyanus (String of Beads)
  • Ceropegia Woodii (String of Hearts)
  • Bird’s Nest Fern
  • Christmas Cactus


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5. Vines

Vines have a versatile look that can be draped over shelves and windows, or even used as a table runner. Vines are a great way to add greenery to your living room without taking up a lot of space. They can also be used to add privacy to your living room if you have large windows. Vines come in all different shapes and sizes so you can try out various combinations to find out what complements your living room decor.


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4. Colorful Houseplants

Green is overwhelmingly the color that is typically associated with plants, but there are plenty of other houseplants with colored leaves that can brighten up your living room in a unique way. A pop of color in the form of a plant can be just what you need to make your living room stand out. Here are some great options for colorful houseplants:

  • African Violet
  • Purple Passion Plant
  • Canna
  • Ti Plant
  • Croton
  • Desert Gems


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3. Plant Stands

Plant stands are a great way to display your plants in a way that matches your indoor decor. Pots and stands can add personality to your plants and make it easier to move the plants around if the stands have wheels. There are also collections of pots that come with different stands so you can have a cohesive look. Lastly, plant stands with different heights will add more dimension and depth to your living room.


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2. Succulents

Succulents have become immensely popular in recent years. They are low-maintenance and can survive in a variety of environments which makes them ideal for indoor decorating. Succulents come in all different shapes and sizes so you can choose the plant that best fits your decorative idea. The plants also have a variety of colors that can brighten up the living space. Despite what many people think, succulents do need attention like any other plant. They don’t need to be watered frequently. In fact, watering a succulent every day can kill the plant. However, when they do need the water (usually once a week), they need a lot of it. Don’t forget that most succulents need direct sunlight as well so be sure to place them near a window.


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1. Fake Plants

Some people are just not good at taking care of plants. Any plant they own ends up dead in weeks, and they are back to the drawing board on how to spice up up their living room space. If you are one of these people, then it may be time to step away from buying living plants and direct your attention to buying fake plants. Many fake plants look authentic and people would never be able to tell the difference. The best part is that they don’t need any care. You can forget about watering them or giving them any type of attention and they will still look fabulous in your living room.


Summing It All Up

Plants are a special way to add life to your living room. They are relatively inexpensive and can be found just about anywhere. When choosing plants for your living room, take into consideration the amount of sunlight the room gets, the size of the room, and your personal level of plant care-taking. Also, think about what type of atmosphere you want to create in your living room. What type of style do you want to emulate? Once you have answered these questions, picking out the perfect plants for your living room should be a breeze.