Jim Morrison’s Childhood Home in Melbourne, Florida Is Up For Sale

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Jim Morrison’s Childhood Home in Melbourne, Florida Is Up For Sale

April 28, 2022

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Jim Morrison’s childhood home will be featured in the third episode of The Negotiators’ second season. The episode will provide the first public video tour of the inside of the property and also tells the phenomenal story of how agent Steve Gordon convinced the homeowner to work with him and how he plans to sell it for $2.4 million. The Doors-themed episode will be released on Friday, April 29th, exclusively on Reveel. Tune in for your chance to see the inside of one of rock and roll’s most famous homes.


The average home value in Melbourne, Florida is $344,751 according to Zillow. However, one homeowner in the region is searching for a buyer who will pay 7 times as much for his home: $2.4 million.

Why $2.4 million?

To understand the elevated asking price for the house, you have to understand the history behind it. Namely that the house was the first home for one of the most iconic and influential rock stars of all time, Jim Morrison. In this blog post, we go through why this house is particularly valuable and if the $2.4 million price is warranted.


Jim Morrison Childhood Photos
Photo courtesy of The George Morrison Family Partnership, L.P./Courson Family Enterprises, LLC on Facebook

The Brief Story of Jim Morrison

In late 1943, Steve and his wife Clara lived in a small bungalow in Melbourne, Florida. Steve was receiving flight training at a nearby naval station – now Melbourne Orlando International Airport and Clara was pregnant with a particularly notable baby boy. On December 8th, 1943, Clara gave birth and named the baby boy James Douglas Morrison.

Steve, Clara, and Jim’s house in Melbourne would be theirs for another six months until Steve was sent off to fight in World War II. Clara took Jim to live in Clearwater, Florida until Steve returned stateside in 1946.

Jim’s early years were transient due to his father being a Navy officer who moved from one base to the next. It wasn’t until Jim’s teens that the Morrison family settled down in Alexandria, Virginia.

Jim went to UCLA for his college education, where he received an undergraduate degree in the university’s film program within the Theater Arts department. After graduating from UCLA in 1965, it was by chance that Jim would meet Ray Manzarek on Venice Beach months later.


Jim Morrison Childhood Photos
Photo by Paul Ferrara From Facebook

The two young men were familiar with each other as fellow UCLA students but they connected on a different level when they discovered their shared love of poetry and music. From this coincidental meeting, a rock and roll band called The Doors was born.

The Doors quickly became a national sensation and one of the most controversial bands in rock and roll history. The band was known for their unapologetic authenticity and their ability to fearlessly go against the grain. Jim was the band’s larger-than-life lead singer who had a charismatic presence on stage and would go on to change the face of the frontman persona.

Unfortunately, the fame was short-lived as Morrison died suddenly in 1971. With Morrison’s death at the age of 27, the singer became immortalized as one of the most enigmatic and influential frontmen in rock and roll history.

The Morrison family may have only lived in their Melbourne house for half a year but the significance remains the same. This is where it all began for Jim Morrison.


Jim Morrison's Childhood Home

A Piece of Rock and Roll History

Fans of The Doors and Jim Morrison regularly visit his gravesite in Paris along with many other Morrison-related sites around America, including the Melbourne house where he would have his diapers changed, likely learned how to crawl, and probably unwittingly got to listen to his first record.

The story of Jim Morrison and The Doors still resonates with people today and while most people won’t be able to consider the offer to buy Morrison’s childhood home for $2.5 million, real estate agent Steve Gordon isn’t looking for just anybody.

In his expert opinion, the house will sell to a superfan of Morrison. Someone who will turn the house into a museum or an Airbnb.

“My goal in listing this house was not to find everyone. It was to find the one, the one person that was the right fan with the right amount of money and wanted to be able to say, ‘I own the house that Jim Morrison was born in.’’’ – Gordon

It wouldn’t be the first time a superfan of a celebrity shelled out a hefty sum of money for an item associated with them. In 2007, the 1969 Charger from The Dukes of Hazzard series sold for nearly $10 million on eBay, Marilyn Monroe’s Happy Birthday, Mr. President dress sold for over $1 million in 1999, and Ringo from The Beatles had his iconic Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl drum set sold for $2.2 million in 2015.


The Significance of Jim Morrison’s House

For a fan of The Doors or Jim Morrison, there’s no denying the historic value of the Melbourne bungalow. The legacy of Jim Morrison remains as relevant today as it did fifty years ago, and now fans have the chance to own a piece of rock and roll history for themselves. While most people won’t consider the offer to buy Morrison’s childhood home for $2.5 million, agent Steve Gordon, founder of White Sands Real Estate Solutions, is confident that the birth home of Jim Morrison will sell for the seven-figure price.


Steve Gordon (on the right) and the Jim Morrison Childhood Home Will Be Featured in The Negotiators Series
Steve Gordon (on the right) and Jim Morrison’s Childhood Home Will Be Featured in The Negotiators Series

Watch The Negotiators Series To Get a Closer Look at the story behind Jim Morrison’s Childhood Home

It’s not every day that you get to see the childhood home of early rock and roll legend, Jim Morrison. It’s even less often that you get a tour of the inside of that home, but on April 29th, you will be able to do just that from the comfort of your own home thanks to The Negotiators series.

New episodes of The Negotiators can be watched for free on Reveel, a streaming platform that only hosts original content, has absolutely no disruptive ad breaks, and is completely free to anyone who signs up. Learn more about Reveel here.


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