Benefits Of Winter Moving & How To Survive

Moving To a New Home

Benefits Of Winter Moving & How To Survive

January 24, 2021

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Moving in winter isn’t a particularly insane thought in the event that you are living in radiant southern California or Florida or some place south, yet for an enormous part of the United States the vast majority will try to avoid moving in the winter as much as possible. Cold temperatures don’t make for the best moving conditions and put you in less than desirable circumstances. There are however, advantages to be delighted in when moving in the winter and a lot of things you should consider.


Should You Move In The Winter?

To start with, there are advantages of a colder time of year move. Most home buyers will be moving in the warmer seasons which means there will be less competition for houses and for moving companies. Less houses on sale also mean lower prices.

Moving companies are more likely to offer discounts in the winter when the weather is risky for traveling. Houses will more likely sell not too much over asking in the winter when less people are buying. Lastly, the winter season has a lot of holidays and it may be easier to move on a day that you already have off rather than taking off to move.

If you still decide to move in the winter, here are 8 tips for moving in the winter that will make the move easier for you.

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8 Tips For Moving in the Winter

1. Ask For Help

Hiring a moving organization is one of the most secure approach for transporting your possessions and saves your loved ones from a more serious danger of injury because of dangerous conditions and cold temperatures. However in the event that you do DIY, make sure to be extra careful on the roads and compensate anyone who helps you.


2. Clear The Way

In the event that your city gets snow, pave the snow or ice off walkways and driveways at both your old home and your new home before starting to move anything. This will save time and on the off chance that you recruited movers — cash. Some moving organizations will clear the pathways for you, for extra cash. Keep salt and digging tools close by on the off chance that you need to pave any pathways during the move yourself.


3. Dress For The Season

Cooler temperatures can be dangerous in more than one way. Not only do you want to dress in layers to insulate yourself against the cool air, buy you’ll also want to wear proper shoes in case there is ice on the ground. When moving in the winter, wear multiple layers of heavy clothing and put on shoes that are water-resistant so you can stay safe while moving things in and out of the house.


4. Keep Your Furniture Dry

In the event that it’s raining or snowing on your moving day, the last thing you want is for that moisture to affect the furniture you are transporting. Stretch wrap is a common tool used to cover furniture to keep moisture out of the fabric. The wrap also adds an extra layer of protection for your posessions, preventing scratches or marks.


5. Protect Your Floors

Packing and unpacking when moving likely means there will be multiple people going in and out of your house. If there is snow or rain on the ground, people will track mud, dirty snow, and whatever else all over your new or old home. Putting down red rosin paper on the high traffic areas is a great way to protect your floors from any dirt that could get tracked in. You can also put down a heavy duty mat at the front door for anyone entering to wipe off their shoes. Some may look to cardboard as a way to protect their floors. However, cardboard can slide around easily, making it a tripping hazard. Red rosin paper is regularly used for flooring and does not slide as easily.


6. Don’t Forget To Stay Warm

Keep a lot of water, espresso, tea, and hot cocoa close by. Staying hydrated and taking a break to get warm is common when doing winter moving. Just having an individual at the entryway to be in charge of opening and shutting the door can help keep people warm inside of the house.


7. Prepare For Slippery Roads

Driving in the winter is not fun. There is snow, ice, hail, and the extremely cold weather to top it all off. Make sure to take your time when traveling on the road to reduce any possibility of an accident. Weather is unpredictable and going slower will help make sure that you don’t lose control over the vehicle in the risky conditions. For example, driving over black ice too fast can easily make you lose control over the car.


8. Be Smart When You Are Winter Moving

Security is always important. In the event that weather conditions are terrible out like in a snowstorm, it’s better to call off the move than proceed with that day. You may have to call property managers or moving organizations to reschedule the move but most will be understanding of the circumstances.


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