These 5 Factors Are Preventing Your Home from Selling Fast

Selling a House

These 5 Factors Are Preventing Your Home from Selling Fast

April 23, 2021

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54 – That’s the number of days it takes for a home to sell in the U.S. as of March, 2021.

What if your home has been up for more than this average number of days, and you have still not been able to get a good deal for it? What could be the reason? Is there something wrong with the property?

It is quite common to have these questions come to mind when you are trying to sell your home, but not getting the desired results. To help you get answer to all these questions, we are going to take a look at five prominent factors that prevent a home from selling fast. So, let us start.

Factors that prevent a home from selling fast

1) It has signs of wear and tear

The first thing that a home buyer would look for in a property are any signs of wear and tear. If you have not been able to get the response that you expected for your home, then you need to start looking for signs of wear and tear.

Maybe the paint is old and dirty in some place. Or, there are signs of some repair work that you did a while back, but some marks of water damage were left. Maybe the flooring is dirty in some corner of the home.

All these factors can play a role in preventing your home from selling. You need to thoroughly inspect these signs, and get rid of them if you want to sell your home fast.

2) It Hasn’t Been Prepared For Showing

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. That’s exactly what it should reflect.

One of the first reasons why your home is not getting the response you expected could be because it does not make a great first impression.

There could be endless reasons that create a poor aesthetic appeal, which in turn can prove to be the biggest deal breakers. Look for any of these signs, and eliminate them as quickly as possible.

For instance, a cluttered home will be difficult to sell when compared to a well-organized home that offers a beautiful décor. Fine-tuning the small details such as replacing the unattractive kitchen countertops with new ones.

Even small things like not getting the home thoroughly cleaned and organized before the showing can prove to be a big turn-off for the buyers. You must not let that happen.

3) It’s Been Priced Too High

An overpriced home is one of the biggest turnoffs for buyers.

By pricing your home too high, you are already limiting the pool of potential buyers. When setting the price of your home for sale, it becomes highly important that you look at the market values.

One of the smartest ways to do this is by getting in touch with a few real estate agents from the local market to see how much they would quote for your home. This would give you a clear idea of the price that you should put for your home.

And, in case you think your home deserves a higher price then you need to reflect the reasons why it does when marketing your home. You can do this by creating a well thought off and creatively written description to be posted on the property listings.

4) You Are Not Marketing It Right

Another common reason why you have not been able to sell your home quickly could be because of your poorly planned marketing efforts.

Statistics show that online search is the most preferred source for home buyers. Further, this online search has been segregated into social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, listing services, online classified ads, owner websites, and video marketing.

If you want your home to sell fast, you need to plan a strategy to market it across all these major online channels, besides the usual print advertisements and more.

5) You Have Tried To Do It All By Yourself

In an ideal world, it should not be a difficult task to sell your home fast. All you have to do is put it up for sale, and host some showings to find the right buyer. Who needs professional help for that – right?

However, we don’t live in an ideal world. Things are unpredictable here. It’s perfectly fine to try and sell your home on your own, without taking the help of professional real estate agents. However, if it does not yield the expected results, you need to get professional help.

Let experts help you sell your home fast!

If you are not getting the desired outcomes from your home selling efforts, it is recommended to get in touch with one if you have not been able to get sell your home even after it has been on sale for more than a few weeks.

Professionals from the field will bring their expertise, their network, and their marketing skills to get you the best deal for your home. In fact, they will come up with a strategy to not only market your home at the right places, but also help you prepare it so that it can make a lasting impression on the buyer and you can get the best price for it.

For instance, you can get in touch with a Negotiator Recognized Partner who will give their full attention to your needs, and help you find the best deal for your home.

So, what are you waiting for?