Why Isn’t My House Selling? Here are 5 Things To Consider

Selling a House

Why Isn’t My House Selling? Here are 5 Things To Consider

October 12, 2021

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On average, it takes 65 days to sell a house. If your house is taking longer to sell, you may need to reassess the methods you are using to attract buyers.

Going by the norms in the real estate market, a house that takes too long to sell becomes undesirable to buyers because it gives the impression that the property is flawed. Even if your listing does eventually attract sellers, you might get a lower offer than you originally wanted.

By knowing the reasons your house could not be selling, you can take the necessary steps and make things right. That’s precisely what you’ll find in this blog post.

5 Likely Reasons Why Your House Is Not Selling  

1. Asking Price Is Too High 

Pricing the house too high is a common mistake that homeowners make when selling a property. The right price should be low enough to attract potential buyers, and high enough to make you a profit. 

Real estate agents can look at the value of comparable houses in the neighborhood, which can be of great help when setting your house price.

You should consider the current market conditions, and your home’s current condition when setting the asking price for your property.

2. Your House Is Not ‘Show Ready’

The second reason why your house could not be selling is that you have not put in the effort to make it ‘show ready’. 

Staging is a marketing method where the house being sold is decorated and organized to showcase the most impressive features to potential buyers.

Staging your house is a way to leave a strong impression on potential buyers. Staging not only makes your house show ready, but staged homes can often get a higher price because of the aesthetic appeal. 

3. Listing Photos Are Not Professional 

Majority of home buyers begin their home buying process online with a search. This means that the photographs of your home posted online should be professional and they should get potential buyers interested in your house.

Using unprofessional pictures could be the reason why your house isn’t attracting any buyers. You might be a pro at taking selfies with your latest iPhone, but when it comes to selling a home you need to take professional photos.

If you are working with a real estate agent, they know a professional photographer that can work with you.

Professional real estate photography highlights the most impressive features of a property while avoiding anything that could makes your home look undesirable.

4. The Appliances Are Old 

Old, unkempt house appliances are another major reason that your house fails to sell.

No one would find a home with a yellowing, white refrigerator attractive. Faulty HVAC, heaters, or boilers will be noticed during the home inspection later in the buying process. However, appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, and light fixtures, buyers will notice during the initial visit.

You don’t want to leave a poor first impression. 

If the appliances look as if they are on their last legs, you may need to replace them to get a better deal for your home. 

5. Poor Marketing 

Lastly, poor marketing is usually the biggest reason for houses not selling. 

What are you doing to market your house? Putting an FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sign in the yard might be a great place to start. However, you must be prepared to go beyond that.

This is where hiring the services of a professional real estate agent comes in handy. Being professionals in their job, real estate agents can market your house the right way in a variety of places.

By spreading the word about your house through a Multiple Listing Service (a database used by real estate brokers), social media, and their own network, they will attract deserving buyers for your house in no time.

Get In Touch With a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home Quickly

Understanding the common mistakes to avoid when selling a house can make the process a lot easier. Getting professional help from a real estate agent is the best way to avoid making mistakes when selling a house. Otherwise, it might take months for you to find the right buyer.

So, instead of just putting up a board on your front yard for sale and waiting for a deserving buyer to show up, get in touch with a real estate agent. With their experience, knowledge, and network, they can help sell your home quickly. 

All the best!