Things To Know Before You Attend An Open House

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Things To Know Before You Attend An Open House

May 20, 2021

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Attending open houses is one of the most crucial steps in buying a home. It is a great way to get a feel of the market. Besides, you also get to learn everything about the house before you buy it. 

However, going to an open house without a plan can be a pure waste of time. Why? Because you might end up only seeing the good things about the house and not getting to the important details below the surface. So, how do you prepare for an open house? Let’s take a look at 5 things you can do to prepare for an open house. 

  1. Come Prepared 

One of the first things you need to remember when coming to an open house is to come fully prepared. Bring your notepad, camera, even a measuring tape to inspect the home thoroughly. 

It can be a bit awkward for first-time homebuyers to attend an open house since you will be walking through someone’s home. But that’s what you are here for. Be courteous, and ask what comes to your mind. In fact, you might want to prepare a few questions beforehand that you might want to ask your real estate agent when you attend the open house. It is always a good idea to clear all your doubts about the property rather than leaving things for later.

Some common questions that you might want to ask could be:

 How old is the home? 

 Has it been vacant? If yes, then for how long?

 Why is the owner selling the property?

 How long has it been on the market?

These questions can give you an idea of the desirability of the property, and accordingly the competitive pricing as well. So, you can further plan your buying decision. 

  1. Look Beyond The Staging 

Organized basements. Refreshingly beautiful-looking bathrooms. Tidy kitchen and an immaculate living room. The seller is going to do their best for making the home irresistible during an open house. However, one of the most important home buying tips is to inspect a home beyond this grand spectacle. 

Attend the open house with an open mind and a keen eye. Here are some of the signs that you might want to thoroughly look for when going to an open house: 

  • acutely observe the home appliances to look for any damage and broken items
  • look for any visible signs of damage to the house, like staining or warping especially in basements as it is a sign of water damage in the past 
  • open the cupboards and doors to look for exposed pipes
  • look at the floor under the rugs
  • pay attention to any unwanted smell
  • know about the parking scheme

If you see any signs of damage, take pictures for future reference because you won’t remember everything. These pictures can be used for drafting a better offer, in case you end up liking the property. 

  1. Listen to What Others Are Saying 

It is a popular saying in the real estate world that an open house is a lot more than what meets the eye. Therefore, having a critical eye is simply not enough. 

While making your tour, pay keen attention to other visitors’ observations. Listen to their comments as they might know a thing or two about the property that you were not able to find out during your preparation. You never know, they might notice something that you missed. 

  1. Take Some Time To Explore The Neighborhood

In one of our previous articles on factors that influence a home’s value, we discussed inspecting the neighborhood as one of the most crucial steps in buying a home.

When going for an open house, always come prepared to visit the neighborhood. Drive around to see the proximity of schools, shopping complexes, and other important amenities. Also, don’t forget to look around the adjacent properties, and explore the streets nearby to be sure about the safety aspects of the neighborhood. 

  1. Learn From Every Visit

While attending your first open house might be a new, exciting experience, we recommend that you make note of everything while your memory is still fresh. That’s because one open house is not going to cut it. You might be attending many more in the near future in your voyage to buying your dream home. 

Therefore, make note of the details so that you can reflect on them later. These notes are going to come in handy when you create a checklist and compare houses you will visit in the future. After all, buying a home is a big decision and you certainly want to have a ‘must-have’ list for your dream home. 

Be Patient. Do Your Research.

One of the most important tips on buying a home that anyone can ever give you is to be patient. Deciding to buy a home is one of the biggest decisions you’re going to make. You don’t want to rush it and make a mistake. Therefore, take your time to patiently look through at least a few homes. Do thorough research and remember it is always a good idea to hire a real estate agent who can make the job easy for you. 

You can always get in touch with an NRP (Negotiator Recognized Partner) to get all the help you need for getting the best offer. These experts will relentlessly negotiate on your behalf to make sure that you get nothing but the best. Find a local negotiator to start the process, today!